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UMBC Hillel strives to be a home away from home for the UMBC student community from both near and far. Hillel strives to inspire students with meaningful Jewish experiences through community, learning, celebration, and and social justice. We offer a wide range of program opportunities from community service to Israel trips, from holiday parties to alternative spring breaks and we support a staff and student leaders who value one-on-one connections and create a community in which everyone feels welcome regardless of background. Whether you have a long-time Jewish background or are new to the Jewish community, whether you think of Judaism as a culture or a religion, whatever your sexual orientation or your political orientation, we want you to feel welcome in the Jewish community at UMBC.

We encourage you to connect by grabbing a cup of coffee with one of our staff members, checking out one of our student organizations, coming to a program, or signing up for a trip.

Our offices are located in the Interfaith Center, which is part of the modular building complex between Susquehanna and Chesapeake Halls opposite Erickson Field. The entrance is up the ramp on the side that faces Susquehanna Hall.

But Hillel is not at UMBC to be located in one space and in one office: Hillel is here to support the entire Jewish community on campus with staff, funding, ideas, and other resources, and to partner with the campus community as a whole to support the diversity of UMBC student life.

We are happy to help students throughout the entire campus community create new initiatives that help them experience Jewish culture, community, and tradition, so if there’s something you’d like to create, Hillel will try to support you.